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Mist Birkenfeld RFPD, Mist Birkenfeld Fire

Life Flight Network

Mist Birkenfeld RFPD, Mist Birkenfeld Fire

Life Flight & Fire Med Membership

Annual Membership: November 1st - October 31st


Medical Emergencies happen without warning and may require emergency air transportation.  Life Flight Network is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Life Flight Network provides life saving air transport to seriously ill or injured patients from the scene of an emergency or from one hospital to another.  Life Flight Network represents a critical component of the local emergency medical system.  Working together with your local EMS, physicians, and hospitals, Life Flight Network quickly and safely transports patients to the nearest medical facility best equipped to treat them.  No matter where you go, you can rest easy knowing you have a highly-skilled medical transport team ready and waiting should you need them.

Fire Med

The Mist-Birkenfeld FireMed Ambulance Membership Program is a voluntary service available to residents living the Mist-Birkenfeld ambulance Service Areas. 


Oregonians live, work and play in our vast coastal areas, open spaces, scenic mountain passes and rivers where they enjoy all of the wonders of Oregon has to offer.  Through reciprocal agreements with other participating agencies, your Mist-Birkenfeld FireMed membership covers you throughout much of Oregon, currently more than 40,000 square miles.


As a FireMed Member, if you have a medically necessary emergency transport while walking on the beach in Florence, you’re covered.  If your emergency occurs while you are on a camping trip in Bend, while at play in Ashland, or while in any of the other participating agency areas in Oregon, you’re covered!


Your insurance is billed and when payment is received, your bill is marked “paid in full”.  FireMed covers all of the co-pays and deductible for an entire year.

FireMed Coverage Area

LifeFlight Coverage Area

Mist Birkenfeld RFPD, Mist Birkenfeld Fire
Mist Birkenfeld RFPD, Mist Birkenfeld Fire
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